It seems that HCBD is no longer intentionally produced and used in the UNECE region including in the US and Canada; specific information on current intentional production and use and for the past 30 years is lacking. This indicates that substitution has taken place and alternatives are available. though specific information on these was not provided to the Committee. Neither the requests have been received nor any particular needs identified for specific exemptions on HCBD.

Note that following information is extracted from the risk management evaluation document (UNEP-POPS-POPRC.9-13-Add.2).

Emissive uses of chlorinated hydrocarbons have been phased out or are stringently regulated in various signature states, since a range of alternatives exists and are in practice for many of those applications.

If you have any information or suggestion for alternatives to HCBD, Please contact the Secretariat.

For further information, please refer to 

  • UNEP/POPS/POPRC.5/10/Add.1 – General guidance on considerations related to alternatives and substitutes for listed persistent organic pollutants and candidate chemicals
  • Risk profile ArChEnFrRuSp (PDF)
  • Risk management evaluation ArChEnFrRuSp (PDF)