POPRC Publications

Approach to considering isomers or groups of isomers of chemicals proposed for listing in Annexes A, B and/or C of the Convention 125.48 K
Approach to the consideration of climate change interactions with the chemicals proposed for listing in the annexes to the Stockholm Convention103 K66.02 K
Approach to the evaluation of chemicals in accordance with Annex E to the Stockholm Convention (decision POPRC-9/7)55 K182.76 K
Code of practice for the treatment of confidential information in the POPs Review Committee 1.25 MB
Endosulfan - An introduction to the chemical added to the Stockholm Convention at the fifth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (a print and a screen version are available for downloading)649.53 K
General guidance on POPs inventory development (June 2020)996.11 K
Guidance for drafters of risk profiles on consideration of toxicological interactions when evaluating chemicals proposed for listing - Qualitative literature-based approach to assessing mixture toxicity under Annex E17.91 K
Guidance on considerations related to alternatives and substitutes for listed persistent organic pollutants and candidate chemicals - 2009 (UNEP/POPS/POPRC.5/10/Add.1)846.44 K
Handbook for effective participation in the work of the POPs Review Committee1.04 MB
POCKET GUIDE for effective participation in the POPs Review Committee under the Stockholm Convention (January 2021)759.91 K
POPs Review Committee (POPRC) - listing new chemicals543.28 K
Preliminary guidance paper on bioaccumulation evaluation942.94 K
STARTUP GUIDANCE for the 9 new POPs580.27 K
The 9 new POPs218.13 K
The 9 New POPs Risk Management Evaluations 2005-2008 (POPRC1 - POPRC4)1.66 MB