In accordance with Article 3 of the Stockholm Convention, Parties that have specific exemptions in accordance with Annex A or Annex B or acceptable purposes in accordance with Annex B shall take appropriate measures to ensure that any production or use under such exemption or purpose is carried out in a manner that prevents or minimizes human exposure and release into the environment. For exempted uses or acceptable purposes that involve intentional release into the environment under conditions of normal use, such release shall be to the minimum extent necessary, taking into account any applicable standards and guidelines.

Guidance documents have been developed and are regularly updated to guide Parties and others in their actions to prevent or reduce releases from production and use of chemicals listed in Annex A or B with specific exemptions or acceptable purposes.

Guidance documents currently under review are accessible here.  

All these guidance documents are developed and updated with the support of the experts on the joint Toolkit and best available techniques and best environmental practices expert roster.