Alpha hexachlorocyclohexane

Today, alpha-HCH is only produced unintentionally during the production of lindane. Releases also occur from stockpiles and contaminated sites.

Note that information is extracted from the risk management evaluation document (UNEP-POPS-POPRC.3-20-Add.8).

Information on alternatives(products and processes) where relevant alpha and beta isomers of HCH are by-products of the production of lindane. These by-products have no registered uses (submitted Annex F information by the United States, 2007). Also, there are no alternative processes for the production of lindane available (Vijgen, 2006). There are alternative pathways for the manufacture of PCP from HCB, which utilizes alpha-HCH from lindane production available (cf. section 2.2.1).

If you have any information or suggestion for alternatives to Alpha hexachlorocyclohexane, Please contact the Secretariat.

For further information, please refer to

  • UNEP/POPS/POPRC.5/10/Add.1 – General guidance on considerations related to alternatives and substitutes for listed persistent organic pollutants and candidate chemicals
  • Risk profile ArChEnFrRuSp (PDF)
  • Risk management evaluation ArChEnFrRuSp (PDF)