Membership to the Global Alliance

An inclusive global platform for cross-sector dialogue, by supporting existing initiatives and by catalyzing new initiatives or partnerships to stimulate concrete action for the development and deployment of alternative products, methods and strategies to DDT for disease vector control

Members of the Global Alliance

Members of the Global Alliance

Membership Declaration form

Entities and individuals interested in becoming members of the Global Alliance are invited to sign the Membership Declaration:

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Signing the Membership Declaration does not entail any legal or administrative obligations. It only reflects the support by the entity or Individual towards achieving the objectives of the Global Alliance. Membership will enable participation in the activities that are intended to achieve the goals of the Global Alliance. At the Alliance Assembly, the members review and endorse the progress of the Global Alliance, its strategies, goals and financial reports.

The Global Alliance members are frequently updated with the latest developments in the relevant thematic areas through email and can also interact with other members through the Global Alliance website.

For further information and submission of the signed declaration, please contact :

Dr. Heidelore Fiedler
Senior Scientific Affairs Officer
UNEP Chemicals Branch, DTIE
International Environment House
11-13, chemin des Anémones
CH-1219 Châtelaine (GE)
Tel.: +41 (22) 917-8187, mobile: +41 (79) 477-0833
Fax: +41 (22) 7973460