Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will be the decision making body between the meetings of the Alliance Assembly. Its role will include the following:

  • Provide strategic direction and priority setting for the Global Alliance; prepare a strategy and submit it to the Alliance Assembly for approval; approve an annual work plan, monitor and review its implementation;
  • Endorse the establishment and mandates of Thematic Groups and review their periodic progress reports;
  • Identify gaps and issues in the development and deployment of alternatives to DDT based on inputs from Members;
  • Provide oversight and guidance for the Coordinating Team;
  • Secure funding for the Global Alliance operating budget;
  • Review the annual Financial report and submit it to the Alliance Assembly for approval;
  • Review new membership applications to the Global Alliance and admit new members; terminate memberships.

 Members of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will be made up of 15 members, with two representatives from Stockholm Convention Party countries in each region (10 members) with due consideration to malaria endemic countries and a representative from each of the other group of Stakeholders including academic and research institutions, multilaterals, civil society/non-governmental organizations, donor countries/ foundations and private sector.

In addition to the 15 members, the Coordinator will be an ex-officio member of the Steering Committee. Each group will determine a process for selecting its representation. The Coordinator will facilitate the nominations and submit a proposal for the composition of the Steering Committee to the Alliance Assembly for approval.

The Steering Committee will have a term of two years and be chaired by a chairperson elected from amongst the Steering Committee members.


The Steering Committee will meet at least once a year. Discussions will be open to the participation of organizational and individual Members as observers, without voting status.