Draft guidance on Socio-Economic Assessment for National Implementation Plan Development and Implementation under the Stockholm Convention


The purpose of this guide is to assist Parties to conduct a socio-economic assessment when developing or implementing their implementation plan under the Stockholm Convention.

The guide has three main objectives, the first one is to give guidance on socio-economic assessment and provide a compelling rationale for its adoption in the development and execution of national implementation plans for the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants; the second objective is to familiarize the teams responsible for developing and executing national implementation plans with the process and methods of conducting socio-economic assessment such that they are able to oversee the work of specialists. The guidance aims also at providing a practical toolkit setting out how collection of relevant socio-economic data and their analysis can be set alongside analysis of technical and other issues in order to inform decision-making within the planning and executing of a national implementation plan.

Main target audience

National Stockholm Convention focal points, official contact points, the project coordination unit implementing the NIP development, review and update project and all the stakeholders that are involved or going to be involved in the NIP implementation.


Decision SC-7/10 requested the Secretariat to continue, subject to the availability of resources, to update the guidance listed in part B of the annex to that decision, as appropriate, on the basis of the comments received from Parties and others by 31 March 2016. The Secretariat has revised the draft guidance (March 2007 version) based on the comments received. The revised March 2017 version of the draft guidance on socio-economic assessment for national implementation plan development is given below.

Review of the Guidance

The process for review of the guidance has been initiated by decision SC-6/12 on the draft guidance for the control of import and export of POPs. The request for information pursuant to decision SC-6/12 can be accessed here. The comments received to date on the draft guidance are available here. The guidance has not been revised owing to lack of available resources. However following the same process Conference of the Parties at its 7th meeting by decision SC-7/10 invited further comments to the draft guidance, based on their experience of using it, to be submitted to the Secretariat by 31 March 2016. The document has been revised taking into account of the comments received so far and is posted as a clean version, and a track changes version can be obtained on request from the Secretariat. 

Previous version (March 2007) of the Guidance

The draft guidance on Socio-Economic Assessment for National Implementation Plan Development and Implementation under the Stockholm Convention (2007) (not revised)

List of comments and responses on the draft guidance on socio-economic assessment for NIP development received by 31 March 2016