PCB Elimination Network

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee oversees the work of the PEN. The Committee meets annually, subject to availability of resources, to review the activities undertaken by the PEN and establish the direction for future work of the PEN.

The work of the Advisory Committee includes the following:

    • Develop and periodically review the work plan and activities for the PEN;
    • Endorse the establishment of Thematic Groups and nominate Chairs for each Group;
  • Prepare the budget for the work of the PEN;
  • Establish a strategy for the mobilization of resources to support the work plan of the PEN;
  • Prepare a progress report on the work and future plans of the PEN for the Governing Council of UNEP, the Basel and Stockholm COPs and the general membership for their information and any appropriate action;
  • Prepare the criteria and the process for the selection of awardees and other incentives
List of members of the Advisory Committee