Regional and subregional centres


The Stockholm Convention has established a network of 16 regional and subregional centres (SCRCs) to provide technical assistance and to promote the transfer of technology to developing country parties and parties with economies in transition relating to the implementation of their obligations under the Convention.

The Regional centres have been established in the institutions that possessed relevant expertise and capacity to undertake the task of providing technical assistance and capacity building to the eligible countries. The Centres have been mandated through the clear terms of reference and the guidance on technical assistance and the transfer of technologies along with the criteria and the methodology for the evaluation of their performances. These mandates and guidance are aimed at ensuring efficient regional delivery of the technical assistance in highly professional manner. The geographical coverage of these centres could be found here.

The task of providing technical assistance and capacity building for the implementation of the Stockholm Convention requires a wide range of expertise. It is certainly a challenging task for any single institution including those established as regional centres to demonstrate the existence of such expertise in all areas. The Centres, however, meet this challenge successfully by possessing a diverse expertise base among the regional centres and by operating in a coordinated manner. 

 Geographic locations of the Regional Centres

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