Acceptable Purposes

To enable Parties to the Convention to take measures to reduce or eliminate releases of POPs from intentional production and use, for which alternatives do not exist yet or are not readily available, the Convention allows Parties to register specific exemptions for a specific period of time. Annexes A and B to the Convention describe specific exemptions, as well as acceptable purposes, that are available with respect to the relevant POPs.

Registers of Acceptable Purposes

The Registers of acceptable purposes in relation to DDT and PFOS / PFOS-F, were established in accordance with the provisions of Annex B of the Stockholm Convention.

These Registers have been updated after decisions adopted by the Conference of the Parties so as to include acceptable purposes available following adoption of amendments to annexes to the Convention, as well as to take into account withdrawals of notifications of acceptable purposes. For further information, please see here.

Dates of entry into force of the amendments to Annexes to the Convention

An indicative table on the status and entry into force of the amendments to the Annexes is available in the Amendments to Annexes to the Stockholm Convention page.