Small Grant Project


The Regional Centre - Small Grant Programme (SGP) is designed to channel bilateral donor funds for implementing the Convention through Stockholm Convention regional and sub-regional centres for capacity-building and the transfer of technology.

The motto of the Programme is to identify and implement low cost high impact projects from the workplan of the regional centres. In order to achieve a high impact with relatively low resources, the Project promotes a competitive sense among the Centres by providing them with an opportunity to implement discrete project activities assisting eligible Parties to meet their obligations under the Convention.

The initial funding was made available by the government of Norway for SGP for the year 2009. Norway has given continuation to the activity by making the funding available every year since its inception in 2009. Initially designed for the Stockholm Convention Regional Centres, the programme has been expanded and now encompasses the regional centres under the Basel Convention as well.

Project application template:    
A brief account on the Small Grant Programme