Stockholm Convention Regional and Subregional Centres
Third workshop for the Stockholm Convention Regional and Subregional Centres and Joint Consultation of Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, Barcelona, Spain, 27 September – 1 October 2010


Second Regional Centres Workshop

Second workshop for the Stockholm Convention Regional and Subregional Centres

Geneva, Switzerland
from 28 September to 2 October 2009

The Second Workshop of the Regional and Subregional Centres for capacity-building and the transfer of technologies was held from 28 September to 2 October 2009, in Geneva, Switzerland. In addition to the follow up of the COP 4 decisions particularly on the technical assistance and capacity building, it also comprised the training activities for the experts in order to provide orientation in a way that they could expand the reach of the Secretariat at national and regional level.

Workshop Documents

Agenda214.69 K
List of participants41.88 K
Report316.04 K

Workshop Presentations


Workshop objectives and agenda. SSC170.3 K
Follow up to the 4th Conference of the Parties500.82 K

Stockholm Convention Regional Centres work plans

ANO, Moscow: Work Plan22.12 K
BCRC, Dakar: Work Plan165.77 K
BCRC, Teheran: Work Plan388.34 K
CENICA, Mexico City: Work Plan141.18 K
CETESB, Sao Paulo: Work Plan633.24 K
KISR, Kuwait City: Work Plan157.7 K
RECETOX, Brno: Work Plan149.68 K

Train of Trainers

TOT on Basel Convention Regional Centres:

Basel Convention Regional Centres Handbook747.51 K
The Process of Strenghtening of the Basel Convention Regional Centres78.11 K
Defining activities for the Business Plans334.92 K
Financial Sustainablilty of BCRCs265.09 K

TOT on the Stockholm Convention thematic issues:

Introduction to the newly listed POPs156.56 K
A lifecycle approach to POPs wastes1.34 MB
The Global Alliance to develop and deploy alternatives to DDT84.3 K
The management of PCB oils and contaminated equipment1.22 MB
Inventory of sources and quantification of releases from unintentional production508.84 K
Measures to reduce or eliminate releases from unintentional production465.76 K
Guidelines on best available techniques and provisional guidance on best environmental practices907.54 K
Effective participation in the process for listing new chemicals and the POPRC's work472.54 K
Reporting under article 15 of the Stockholm Convention377.88 K
Reviewing and updating NIPs524.23 K