Fourth Toolkit Expert Meeting

Fourth Toolkit Expert Meeting

Geneva, Switzerland
from 1 to 3 December 2009

The Fourth Toolkit Expert Meeting to Further Develop the Standardized Toolkit for Identification and Quantification of Dioxin and Furan Releases was held from 1st to 3rd December 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland. The meeting was attended by invited experts selected from the Toolkit Expert Roster.

The Toolkit experts discussed the progress achieved through implementation of the intersessional workplan (2008-2009), reviewed the proposals for Toolkit revisions and updating, and agreed on the workplans for the intersessional period (2009-2010). They also considered implications of adding pentachlorobenzene to Annex C of the Stockholm Convention and possible elements of a review and updating process of the Guidelines on Best Available Techniques and Guidance on Best Environment Practices relevant to Article 5 of the Stockholm Convention.

Meeting Report

Meeting report
Annex I. List of Participants
Annex II. Agenda
Annex III. Ute Karl – Progress Report on Category 3
Annex IV. Beatriz Cardenas – Category 3: Progress Report on Basic Stoves
Annex V. Carl Meyer – Progress Report on Category 6: Results of Project on Open Burning of Biomass
Annex VI. Gustavo Solórzano – Progress Report on Category 6: Results of Project on Open Burning of Waste
Annex VII. Emmanuel Fiani – Progress Report on Category 2
Annex VIII. Gunther Umlauf – Progress Report on Brick Kilns
Annex IX. Jose de Asunçao – Progress Report on Charcoal
Annex X. Roland Weber – Report on Presence of Unintentional POPs from Recent Pesticide Use
Annex XI. Pat Costner – Progress Report on Identification of Sources
Annex XII. Adam Grochowalski – Report on Emission Measurements in Poland
Annex XIII. Terms of reference for a BAT/BEP Expert Group