Consultative Workshop - India 2012

Subregional workshop on guidelines for updating of NIPs to address the newly listed POPs

Nagpur, India
from 18 to 21 June 2012

The subregional workshop on guidelines for updating of national implementation addressed the newly listed persistent organic pollutants held from 18 to 21 June 2012 at CSIR-NEERI, Stockholm Convention Regional Centre for Asia Nagpur, India. It brought together target national officials of several countries in the Asia Pacific region who are involved in coordinating the review and update of the national implementation plans (NIP), relevant national stakeholders from India and representatives of Stockholm Convention Regional Centers. The workshop was jointly organized by the CSIR-NEERI, the Stockholm Convention regional centre for Asia.




  • To enhance understanding of newly listed POPs, in particular industrial POPs, and approaches for their sound management
  • To raise awareness about the package of guidelines for updating National Implementation Plans (NIP) and provide training on their use
  • To provide training on the assessment of national capacity for the screening and analysis of industrial POPs
  • To gather experience and competence, and initiate national discussions on strategies for the management of industrial POPs in India


The workshop served as an important platform to provide knowledge, gather experience and competence, and to initiate national discussions to address POPs listed in 2009 and 2011 in India. Discussions on PCBs legislation took place and participants exchange their experiences and needs on this chemical management. The workshop provided exposure to the NIP package documents to national and regional participants

Report of the meeting

Final Report


  • Working Documents
  • Introduction
  • Country/Centre Presentations
  • POPs Listed in 2009
  • NIPs