The Conference of the Parties to the Stockholm Convention reviews progress towards elimination of PCBs (paragraph (h) of Part II of Annex A to the Convention), every four years at its ordinary meetings, taking into account the information provided in the national reports submitted by Parties pursuant to Article 15 of the Convention.

At its eighth meeting, the Conference of the Parties adopted decision SC-8/3, by which it established a small intersessional working group, working by electronic means and, subject to the availability of funding, through a face-to-face meeting, to prepare a report on progress towards the elimination of PCBs for consideration by the Conference of the Parties at its ninth meeting. Following paragraph 9 of that decision, Colombia is serving as lead country in the preparation of the report.

Thanks to the generous financial support provided by the European Union and the Governments of Japan and Norway, the small intersessional working group on PCB prepared, through online meetings and a face-to-face meeting, held in Prague from 12 to 14 December 2018, the report on progress towards the elimination of PCB (UNEP/POPS/COP.9/INF/10) and recommendations (UNEP/POPS/COP.9/6/Add.1).

Invitation to respond to an online questionnaire

The small intersessional working group prepared an online questionnaire for the review of progress towards the elimination of PCB to collect additional information from Parties and Observers to the Stockholm Convention. All Parties and Observers to the Convention are invited to respond to the questionnaire, either online or on the Word format, and submit the responses to the Secretariat by 30 September 2018.

Invitation to respond to an online questionnaire for the review of progress towards the elimination of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) by 30 September 2018
Questionnaire for the review of progress towards the elimination of PCB
Q3.2 PCB quantitative data



Items: 55Load time table: 2808.0228 msec  
ArgentinaEmail12/12/201866.93 K 19.22 K
AustraliaEmail10/04/2018385.35 K 28.12 K
AzerbaijanEmail06/11/201878.87 K
Bosnia and HerzegovinaEmail04/12/201872.23 K 15.84 K
BrazilOnline questionnaire10/10/201820.76 K
CameroonEmail25/09/2018167 K 56.24 K
CanadaOnline questionnaire28/09/201820.95 K 16.28 K
ChileOnline questionnaire27/08/201819.67 K
ColombiaOnline questionnaire02/10/201820.17 K 21.71 K
Costa RicaOnline questionnaire08/10/201819.75 K 15.01 K
Côte d'IvoireOnline questionnaire24/10/201819 K
CroatiaEmail02/10/2018182.5 K 21.12 K
CyprusEmail05/11/2018166.5 K 40.5 K
DenmarkOnline questionnaire27/09/201820.09 K 19.87 K
EcuadorEmail30/10/201871.18 K 15.69 K
El SalvadorOnline questionnaire26/09/201819.6 K 14.51 K
EritreaEmail20/08/201873.69 K 15.29 K
EstoniaOnline questionnaire30/09/201820.35 K 16.82 K
FinlandEmail02/11/201868.94 K
GermanyOnline questionnaire02/10/201822.07 K 14.93 K
GhanaEmail02/11/201866.79 K
GuatemalaOnline questionnaire09/10/201819.97 K 17.06 K
GuatemalaOnline questionnaire16/10/201819.11 K 35.29 K
IndiaEmail08/10/2018386.64 K
JapanEmail25/10/201872.16 K 19.26 K
KazakhstanEmail05/11/2018215.87 K 81.29 K 56.41 K
KenyaOnline questionnaire09/08/201817.37 K
KyrgyzstanEmail03/11/201866.64 K 14.68 K
MaldivesEmail05/11/201866.53 K 14.94 K
MaliEmail02/09/201865.61 K
MexicoOnline questionnaire02/10/201820.46 K 17.59 K
Micronesia (Federated States of)Online questionnaire07/09/201815.89 K
MonacoOnline questionnaire25/07/201816.9 K
MozambiqueEmail12/09/201877.54 K
Netherlands (Kingdom of the)Email20/11/201896.8 K 18.38 K
North MacedoniaEmail31/10/201863.81 K 15.52 K
NorwayOnline questionnaire28/09/201821.09 K
PhilippinesEmail20/09/2018489.85 K 17.33 K
PortugalEmail31/10/201867.01 K 15.67 K
RomaniaEmail16/11/201867.06 K 16.93 K
Russian FederationEmail26/11/2018259.41 K
Russian FederationEmail – informal translation to English26/11/201882.29 K
SenegalEmail19/11/201877.63 K 21.85 K
SerbiaEmail02/11/201870.13 K 21.38 K
SlovakiaEmail08/11/201866.63 K 19.27 K
SloveniaEmail23/11/201872.21 K 16.13 K
SpainEmail25/10/201812.6 K
Sri LankaEmail01/08/201967.38 K 15.85 K
State of PalestineOnline questionnaire04/11/201817.37 K
SurinameEmail05/10/201857.45 K 15.11 K
SwedenOnline questionnaire21/09/201821.58 K 29.71 K
SwitzerlandEmail30/11/201872.61 K 2.42 MB 17.51 K
TajikistanEmail30/10/201879.75 K 14.95 K
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandEmail04/10/201884.09 K 24.67 K
YemenOnline questionnaire24/09/201818.22 K 20.45 K

Online meetings

Members of the small intersessional working group

The experts nominated in accordance with paragraph 10 of that decision are listed below:




Mr. Agustín Harte


Ms. Cynthia Bainbridge

Colombia (Lead country)

Mr. Edwin Camelo Martínez

Czech Republic

Mr. Jaromír Manhart


Mr. Mario Rodas Talbot


Mr. Sam Adu-Kumi


Ms. Heidelore Fiedler


Mr. Yo Osada


Ms. Amina Beibitova 


Ms. Mihaela Claudia Paun


Mr. John Lotoft


Ms. Aziza Hamorouni Kerrou


Ms. Anna Ortiz


Mr. Allan Astrup Jensen


Mr. Ian Webber


Ms. Jacqueline Alvarez


Ms. Lee Bell


Mr. Michael Mueller


Mr. Roland Weber


Ms. Silvia Oliviero Ghietto


Mr. Thomas Dawance


Mr. Tumiatti Vander


Mr. Urs Wagner


Mr. Victor Estellano