PCB Elimination Network


Membership of the PEN is open to governments, intergovernmental organizations, donors, PCB holders, non-governmental organizations, industry, experts/academia, and business sectors relevant to PCB.

The PEN members enjoy equal status and shall foster collaboration, exchange information and share experiences with one another. They shall promote the network and its activities at the global, regional, national and community levels and participate in meetings and related activities, including thematic groups. They are eligible for the awards being offered by the PEN.

The members’ main roles are to provide support for the implementation of the PEN’s work plan, provide quality-assured information through the sharing of experiences and knowledge on the environmentally sound management of PCB and their alternatives, to provide financial support for the network’s activities, as appropriate, and to participate in PEN meetings and discussion forums.

Application for membership in the PEN

Parties to the Stockholm Convention (Official Contact Points and National Focal Points) are members of the PEN. All other stakeholders relevant to the management of PCB are welcome to apply for membership. Please fill in the application form and send it to the Secretary of the PEN at science.chemicals@un.org.

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Application form: