Framework for the effectiveness evaluation of the Stockholm Convention


According to Article 16 of the Stockholm Convention, the effectiveness of the Convention shall be evaluated on the basis of available scientific, environmental, technical and economic information, including:

At its fourth meeting in May 2009, the Conference of the Parties acknowledged that the first effectiveness evaluation was completed. It noted that the procedures for the evaluation stage of the effectiveness evaluation were not defined and established an ad hoc working group to write a report on possible procedures for this purpose.

Framework for effectiveness evaluation

At its sixth meeting, the Conference of the Parties adopted the framework for the effectiveness evaluation of the Stockholm Convention pursuant to Article 16 . The framework encompasses issues such as the purpose of the effectiveness evaluation; arrangements for conducting the effectiveness evaluation; elements and indicators for the effectiveness evaluation; limitations of the effectiveness evaluation; and terms of reference for an effectiveness evaluation committee.

Effectiveness Evaluation Committee

By decision SC-7/24, the Conference of the Parties elected in accordance with the terms of reference set out in the appendix to the framework for effectiveness evaluation , the members to serve on the effectiveness evaluation committee until the close of the eighth meeting of the Conference of the Parties.

Timetable for effectiveness evaluation