Implementation and Evaluation of the Guidelines on best available techniques and provisional guidance on best environmental practices relevant to Article 5 and Annex C

Implementation Timeframe

Implementation Timeframe

Obligations pursuant to Article 5 of the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants

Two years

after the Convention enters into force for the Party

Develop an action plan to minimize or eliminate releases of Annex C POPs

  • Initial inventory of sources and releases of Annex C POPs;

  • Evaluation of efficacy of laws and policies to address such releases;

  • Identification of priority source categories;

  • Strategies and measures with timelines to achieve continuing minimization and where feasible, ultimate elimination of Annex C POPs, considering the guidelines on BAT and guidance on BET and the identified priority source categories.

Four years

after the Convention enters into force for the Party

Phase in requirements for BAT for new sources, promote use of BAT& BEP for existing sources

For new sources:

  • Require use of best available techniques (BAT) for the identified priority source categories; and promote use of BAT for other source categories; and
  • Promote use of best environmental practices (BEP);

For existing sources:

  • Promote use of BAT&BEP for the identified priority source categories


Parties and observers are kindly invited to provide their comments on experiences gained using the guidelines and guidance to the Secretariat.

The evaluation questionnaires are available in English, Spanish, French and Russian: Evaluation sheet

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BAT/BEP Evaluation Form