Orientation session for new members

As part of the activities carried out to support an effective participation in the work of the Committee, newly designated or appointed experts are invited to participate in a Committee meeting as observers prior to the start of their terms of office.

The 14 designated experts who were appointed by the Conference of the Parties to serve as members of the Committee with terms of office starting on 5 May 2020, as listed in decision SC-9/10, were invited to participate in the fifteenth meeting of the Committee as observers.

Their participation in the meeting was made possible thanks to the generous financial support provided by the Government of Germany.

An orientation session for these newly appointed experts was held on Tuesday, 1 October 2019, at lunch time, in the margins of the fifteenth meeting of the Committee.

The objectives of the session were:

  • To familiarize newly appointed members with the procedures, operations and work of the Committee;
  • To exchange experience and knowledge between continuing and new members on effective participation in the work of the Committee.

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Reference materials for the session