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The fourth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the Stockholm Convention in 4-8 May 2009, decided to amend the Convention by adding nine new chemicals to its Annexes A, B and C. In accordance with Article 22 of the Convention, the amendments to Annexes A, B and C will enter into force on 26 August 2010, which is one year from the date of communication by the depositary of the adoption of the above-mentioned amendments.

Futhermore, by decision SC-4/19 , the COP decided to undertake a work programme to provide guidance to Parties on how best to restrict and eliminate these newly listed persistent organic pollutants and invited Parties to support work on the evaluation of alternatives and other work related to the restriction and elimination of these new POPs.



  • Promote understanding of the obligations pertaining to the nine chemicals newly added to the Convention, including of the steps to be taken to update and review national implementation plans under Article 7 of the Convention;

  • Enhance national capacities to effectively address unintentional releases of POPs through the implementation of best available techniques & best environmental practices (BAT&BEP).

Workshop presentations

  • Introduction
  • Country presentations
  • New POPs
  • NIPs
  • Technical Assistance

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