POPRC Handbook

Handbook for effective participation in the work of the POPs Review Committee

POPRC Handbook


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Rotterdam Convention


The CRC is the scientific body of the Rotterdam Convention that reviews the notifications of final regulatory actions of banned or severely restricted chemicals and proposals for severely hazardous pesticide formulations, and makes recommendations to the Conference of the Parties (COP) for listing chemicals under the Convention. The POPs Review Committee (POPRC), a subsidiary body to the Stockholm Convention, has the mandate to review a Party’s proposal for listing a chemical under the Convention and make recommendations to the COP, in accordance with Article 8 of the Convention.

Both Committees review the proposed chemicals based on information submitted by Parties and, in case of the POPRC, also by observers. It is important for the Committees’ decision-making that Parties and experts have a clear understanding of the review processes and are capable of identifying issues and providing relevant information to the Committees.

Workshop Objectives

The specific objectives of the workshop include:

  • To enhance the understanding of Parties and stakeholders on the operation of the Committees and the process of listing chemicals under the Conventions;
  • To increase the understanding of information requirements and participation of Parties and stakeholders in the process;
  • To increase awareness and promote opportunities for information exchange under the conventions, as well as between the two conventions;
  • To develop competencies that will continuously assist countries to implement chemicals risk management;
  • To explore an integrated approach in chemicals management at the national level.

Workshop Outline

The workshop takes place over three days and is organized around a series of plenary sessions and as well as practical exercises in breakout groups to allow participants to have in-depth discussions and acquire practical experience on the various issues.

The structure of the workshop is as follows:

Day 1: Joint sessions for the Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions participants on introductions on the conventions and the role and mandate of the two review committees;

Day 2: Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions participants review issues related to the listing of new chemicals in detail in parallel sessions;

Day 3: Plenary discussions on new POPs under the Stockholm Convention and possible synergies between the review committees.


Rotterdam Convention: Designated National Authorities (DNAs) from the region, as well as selected past and/or current members of the CRC.

Stockholm Convention: National Focal Points, stakeholders (chemical producers, users and traders, NGOs, academia, etc.) and selected past and/or current POPRC members from the region.

Additionally, selected experienced members from the POPRC and the CRC from other regions participating in the workshop to support the training exercises.