Guidance and Publications

Various guidance documents have been developed by the Secretariat to help Parties fulfil their obligations under the Convention

In particular, guidance and guidelines related to NIP development and review/update as well as to the new POPs are available on the website. Other themes where guidance is provided include:

Dioxins and Furans:
  • Standardized Toolkit for Identification and Quantification of Dioxin and Furan Release, Second Ed Ar, Ch, En, Fr, Ru, Sp
  • Toolkit Emissions Factors Ar, Ch, En, Fr, Ru, Sp


  • Guidelines for the identification of PCBs and materials containing PCBs (UNEP, 1999) En, Fr
  • PCB Transformers and Capacitors - From Management to Reclassification and Disposal  (UNEP, 2002) En, Fr, Sp .
  • PCB Inventory Form Ar, En, Fr, Sp
  • Reducing and Eliminating the use of Persistent Organic Pesticides:  Guidance on alternative strategies for sustainable pest and vector management En
  • Finding Alternatives to Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) for Termite Management En
  • Country guidelines, FAO Pesticide disposal series 11 En
  • Training manual for inventory taking of obsolete pesticides, FAO pesticide disposal series 10 En

Other publications include:

  • A monthly newsletter, published by the Technical Assistance programme since June 2010, highlighting important ongoing activities and upcoming events in which the Secretariat is involved.
  • Two brochures presenting the upcoming Technical Assistance activities (workshops and webinars), organised by theme and area of priority.

  • The Secretariat has also developed various outreach material (leaflets, posters, etc.).
  • Finally, case studies showcasing best practices around the world will shortly be available to share ideas and encourage successful practices.