Making use of cutting-edge training tools, the Secretariat is hosting web-based seminars "webinars" on various issues to assist Parties and others in implementing the Convention.

What are webinars?

Webinars are online seminars or workshops. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactivity element - the ability to give, receive and discuss information via the internet.

Increased interactivity, while offering more tailored and direct support

Willing to strengthen its direct support to Parties, the Secretariat launched in February 2011 its programme of POPs webinars. As of 31 December 2011, more than 370 government officials, representatives from NGOs, the private and regional centres have participated to a total of 40 webinar sessions conducted on 22 different themes.

Through its programme of webinars, the Secretariat aims at supplementing its face-to-face meetings and to allow for more regular and direct support to Parties in addressing their challenges when implementing the Convention. 

Target audience

POPs Webinars target in priority government officials (e.g. official contact points under the convention) and other institutions (e.g. regional centres) involved in the implementation of the Convention. They also offer an opportunity to reach out to a wider network of stakeholders engaged in Convention matters and to the general public.


POPs webinars can follow different formats:
  • Be implemented at the global, regional and national levels. 
  • Be used for different purposes: e.g. general awareness-raising, specific training and online meetings with limited participation.
Individual participants, national teams, and institutions can participate after having previously registered for a particular webinar and a specific time slot.

Each webinar session lasts one hour and is structured as follows:

  • Introduction and presentation of participants (10’) 
  • Presentation(s) by the Secretariat and experts on the selected themes (20’) 
  • Questions and discussions (30’)