Request for comments on the social and economic guidance<br/> and additional guidance on the calculation of action plan<br/> costs in accordance with decision SC-4/9

Decision SC-4/9, adopted by the Conference of the Parties to the Stockholm Convention at its forth meeting, invites Parties to make use of following two sets of guidance in development, review and implementation of the national implementation plans:

Draft guidance on socio-economic assessment
for national implementation plan development and
implementation under the Stockholm Convention
(document UNEP/POPS/COP.3/INF/8)   







Draft guidance on calculation of action plan costs,
including incremental costs and action plans
for specific persistent organic pollutants
(document UNEP/POPS/COP.4/INF/11)   


By paragraph 5 (c) of the same decision, the Conference of the Parties has invited and encouraged Parties, to provide the Secretariat with comments on how to improve the usefulness of the social and economic guidance and additional guidance on the calculation of action plan costs based on the experience in using these guidance.

Parties are invited to submit comments based on their experience in using above mentioned guidance documents by 31st of May 2010 to the following address:

Secretariat of the Stockholm Convention
National Implementation Plans (NIPs)
International Environment House 1
11-15, Chemin des Anemones
1219 Chatelaine, Geneva, Switzerland

For further information please contact Mr. Suman Sharma (e-mail:; telephone +41 22 917 8210).