Mandate and Decisions

Article 12 of the Stockholm Convention states that timely and appropriate technical assistance in response to requests from developing country Parties and Parties with economies in transition is essential to the successful implementation of the Convention. 

At the first meeting of the Conference of the Parties, guidance on technical assistance and transfer of environmentally sound technologies was adopted (decision SC-1/15). This guidance establishes the framework for technical assistance under the Convention and identifies sources of technical assistance, eligibility, the policy and strategy to follow, and lists needs and priorities.

To support Parties in fulfilling their obligations under the Convention, the Technical Assistance programme is delivering a range of capacity-building activities, ranging from training activities (workshops, webinars and other interactive training tools) to the support of project development (on request) as well as the development of guidance and other publications. Fifteen Regional Centres have also been set up to support capacity-building related to POPs management in their respective regions.

The delivery of technical assistance shall be provided taking into account the particular needs of developing country Parties and Parties with economies in transition. In that respect, Parties are encouraged to contact us and send requests for technical assistance.

A number of guidance and other publications provide useful information to Parties. The monthly technical assistance newsletter (available until March 2012) offers an overview of ongoing activities and upcoming workshops and webinars, while the database of existing case studies (to be posted shortly) will showcases a variety of best practices throughout the world.

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