New POPs publications

Step-by-step companion guide to the review and updating of the National Implementation Plans - 2011298.14 K
STARTUP GUIDANCE for the 9 new POPs580.27 K
The 9 new POPs218.13 K
Endosulfan - An introduction to the chemical added to the Stockholm Convention at the fifth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (a print and a screen version are available for downloading)649.53 K
Elaborated process of reviewing and updating national implementation plans84.5 K36.77 K
The 9 New POPs Risk Management Evaluations 2005-2008 (POPRC1 - POPRC4)1.66 MB
GUIDANCE on feasible flame-retardant alternatives to commercial pentabromodiphenyl ether - 2009 (UNEP/POPS/COP.4/INF24)919.79 K
Guidance for developing national implementation plans for the Stockholm Convention466.5 K246.89 K
Technical paper on the identification and assessment of alternatives to the use of perfluorooctane sulfonic acid, its salts, perfluorooctane sulfonyl fluoride and their related chemicals in open applications735 K351.3 K