South Africa pilot project

Title of the project: Pilot project aimed at validating the inventory guidance on polychlorinated naphthalenes (PCNs), and short-chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs) by undertaking preliminary inventories in identified sectors in South Africa

Donor: European Union
Partners: Government of South Africa and SCRC South Africa (Africa Institute)
Duration: October 2018 to July 2019
Target countries: Government of South Africa, SCRC South Africa


  • To validate the inventory guidance on polychlorinated naphthalenes (PCNs);
  • To develop inventory of PCNs, PCBs in open application and SCCPs in major products

Expected outcomes:

A report identifying sectors relevant to PCNs/PCBs, and SCCPs in products, wastes and contaminated sites in South Africa.

  • A list and number of samples to be analyzed to identify the presence of these POPs
  • Results from initial sampling, screening, and analysis of selected samples.
  • Comments on the inventory guidance including gap analysis


Through desktop study, the objectives and scope of a qualitative inventory on PCNs, SCCPs and PCBs in open applications will be defined for South Africa.

Development of an appropriate analytical procedure

Samples (representative) from following open applications will be analyzed for PCNs, SCCPs, PCBs:

  • PVC cables and recycled PVC
  • Paints/coatings e.g. ships, swimming pools
  • Sealants/caulks and putty
  • Rubber (Chloroprene and other rubber)
  • Oils including waste oil  

Samples (representative) from following closed applications will be analyzed:

  • Integrating PCBs monitoring for PCNs monitoring
  • Mixed waste oils from sectors with possible impact by PCNs and SCCPs.

Initial assessment of potential generation of unintentional PCNs in the country

  • Identify which of the sources might be present in the country
  • Compile initial information

Initial findings on potential PCNs (if possible also SCCPs) contaminated sites

  • Assessing potential PCNs contaminated sites in the country
  • Preparing an initial description of identified sites

Evaluate and provide comments on the PCNs inventory guidance

  • Any gaps, lacking clarity etc.
  • Any duplications

Stakeholder consultation on the findings as listed above to finalize the comments on the guidance

Contact point: Suman Sharma (